DYYNI a warm long shawl in Dry desert Camel by Sari

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The  Dyyini kit contains the wool in the chosen colorway. You will receive six skeins in your selected Camel fiber color  (without the pattern, please see the design on Sari’s Norland Ravelry account)

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Dyyni shawl in Dry desert Camel keeps you warm during the chilly spring and autumn temperatures.
Dyyni means dunes in  Finnish. Sari felt inspired by the dunes near her childhood home on the West coast of Finland. Every summer, she and her family would ride their bikes to the beach, swim, and then lay down on towels in the shelter of the dunes. Sari remembers twisting her wet hair to make droplets of sea waterfall on the sand while watching how it trickled down the hot sand before disappearing. She wanted to capture the memory of the humid air, hot sand, and coolness of the sea breeze into this design.

Camel hair, like cashmere, comprises two qualities: a relatively coarse outer coat and inner down fiber.
The down fiber undercoat produced by animals living in colder deserts is much softer than animals living in warmer deserts. The Gobi Desert has freezing temperatures; in wintertime, it snows, and frost can cover the dunes. The Gobi Desert lies at 910 to 1520 meters above sea level, and temperatures vary by 35 C in 24 hours.

We source our fiber from the Greengold project that helps herders to increase their livelihood and avoid more desertification in Mongolia.
That is one reason our Dry Desert Camel yarn is soft and is known for its luxurious hand feel. You feel this while knitting your project. The structure of the knitting and bubbles in the shawl are dunes alike. You can choose the length you want to give this shawl. Be creative and use the measurement to drape it around you in the way you love.

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