Samon-sand ripples shawl in Dry Desert Camel by Eri

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The Nomadnoos kit contains the wool in the chosen colorway: 5 skeins in MC and one skein in CC in Dry desert Camel yarn.
without the pattern, the pattern is only available in our Treasure knitting book, which you can find here



Samon shawl means sand ripples in Japanese. The lines of sand in the Gobi Desert inspired Eri Shimizu to make this masterpiece shawl. Be creative in your way of wearing it!
Our Dry Desert Camel yarn is coming from the Bacterian camel, which grows this undercoat during wintertime, to protect itself from the freezing temperatures!
This beautiful shawl is knitted in a circle.
The design exists in 1 unique size, but you can stop knitting whenever you want!
Choose the color you like most and enjoy the knitting!

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