Luxurious yarns with a mission

Each and every skein has its own story and is made with respect to the slow fashion principles

Positive environmental impact

We believe in the creation of sustainable superior products respecting the natural environment.

Postive Social impact

We believe in the exceptional skill of our dedicated spinners, and the creation of superior yarns.

Slow yarns

We believe that success relies on a happy and empowered workforce, one rooted in their culture while opening to the world


We create a social feeling around knitting and bring people together to exchange on their experiences while helping women in need!


We Are All In It together!

We Are All In It together!

Our brand is founded on the hard work and full hearts of local yarn stores, without we could not exist. Many had to close their doors to help flatten the curve and stop this virus from spreading. By looking out for their customers and employees and putting global health first, they find themselves in a potentially tenuous financial situation. At Nomadnoos, we want to support.
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