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About us


My name is Coty Jeronimus, 

I am an outdoor and nature lover,  I love walking and training with my 3 dogs in the Swiss mountains and abroad. I am working since 25 years in the textile industry as a buyer, sourcing and product manager.

Today, I work as a textile expert with a focus on sustainability with NGO’s, brands and artisans, creating sustainable opportunities so they can make a difference and help business to reduce the natural resources.

While traveling in different developing countries during my professional life and having witnessed the complexity of the supply chain, including unfair payment and working conditions ,I decided to start a transparent yarn business with a positive social and environmental impact.

Nomadnoos is not only me, but a whole team of people collaborating to propose the most soft and beautiful hand spun yarn made in a transparent and fair way .

Nomadnoos is our hand spun exclusive yarn, and trough our NGO, Terre Filanti, we create projects supporting our spinners and herders. 

Luckily consumers are more and more intrigued by products that fulfill their expectations towards sincerity and transparency. To remain a relevant market player on the long-run, companies need to act responsibly and their business strategies need to genuinely embrace aspects such as environmental and social care.

That is why Nomadnoos, creates value while proposing hand spun sustainably sourced yarns for the Do-It_Yourself knitter while following the Slow fashion principles.

Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments that will last for longer and values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet.

Knitters from over the world can purchase Nomadnoos high-level and exclusive luxury yarns, sourced from herders in Mongolia and made and hand-spun by women living in developing countries. While #Knit4good they will give back to the people producing the Nomadnoos yarns. 



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