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We Are All In It together!

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Pay What You Choose — Support How You Can

Like so many other small brands, we are affected by the situation of today. 
but also our collaborative partners’ shops are facing the same problems. 

Our brand is founded on the hard work and full hearts of local yarn stores, without we could not exist. Many had to close their doors to help flatten the curve and stop this virus from spreading. By looking out for their customers and employees and putting global health first, they find themselves in a potentially tenuous financial situation. At Nomadnoos we want to support them.

In pursuit of that, we are launching our new initiative:

We Are All In It Together. 

How It Works:

With this initiative, we are offering all of our customers who are experiencing financial hardship during this stressful time the ability to purchase our yarns at a more accessible price point while also supporting their favorite Nomadnoos-shop.  

In this “Pay What You Choose system”, any amount you choose to pay from the baseline 25% discount up to full retail on will be credited to Nomadnoos stockist of your choice. This enables you to provide direct support for a yarn store that may lack shipping capabilities and those affected by poor health and closures. 

In helping any shop member of our community, you help all members. #Knit4good and we will emerge on the other side even stronger than before.

But first, contact your local Nomadnoos and shop there if possible!

Give them a ring or check social media to see if your LYS is open. Should your LYS not be able to supply you with yarn, we then encourage you to shop at 

With “We Are All In It Together”, simply select the amount you feel comfortable paying and apply one of the following discount codes accordingly at checkout:


30% of the regular retail price of your yarn purchase will be credited to the Nomadnoos shop of your choice (entered by you in the notes section at checkout)


20% of the regular retail price will be credited to the Nomadnoos stockist of your choice


10% of the regular retail price will be credited to the Nomadnoos stockist of your choice


5% of the regular retail price is credited to the Nomadnoos stockist of your choice. 

We are here to support our shops through this difficult time and happy to provide an accessible price point for your comfort knitting.  This action is available until the 20th of April.