Thick Silky Banana yarn

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Our Thick Silky Eco-friendly Banana yarn is also known as Musa fiber and is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. Biodegradable, the natural fiber is made from the stem of the banana plant, dryer, and spun in an artisanal spinning mill in Buddha, Kathmandu.
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We source our Thick Silky Vegan Eco-friendly Banana yarn from Nepal at a banana farmer nearby the city of Charikot. Biodegradable, the natural fiber is made from the stem of the banana tree and is incredibly durable. Banana yarn is soft with a natural shine. It is frequently referred to as vegan, is a great plant-based alternative to silk, and is a more sustainable alternative to cotton. The material is woven entirely from a banana tree’s “pseudo stems” and stalks. Because the fruit can only be harvested from banana trees once in their lifetime, the “pseudo stems” of the banana tree are often throwaway after the bananas are harvested from the tree, leading to massive amounts of waste.
The sustainable fibers are scraped from the bark of a banana tree after the bananas are harvested. They are processed through a softening process in Kathmandu that makes the fiber similar to silk. This process creates a product from the wastage of the banana crop, providing extra income for Nepali farmers in rural areas. Our Silky Banana Fiber Yarn is a soft, plant-based alternative that is bio-degradable, so it’s completely vegan and eco-friendly!

This yarn is the thick version of our Silky Banana yarn

*** This yarn is hand-dyed by qualified dyers using ZDHC dyeing colors.
We do our best to be as precise as possible, but sometimes there can be a slight difference between lots. Therefore we advise you to buy enough yarn for your project.

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