Eri Khulluh yarn 50% Yak & 50% Eri Silk (Bulky)

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We source our High mount yak yarn sustainably from Mongolia and our Eri silk from Nepal; the fibers are hand-spun and plied together in a bulky yarn and hand-dyed all in Nepal. This yarn is an eight-ply, Bulky yarn.

*** We do our best to be as precise as possible, but sometimes there can be a slight difference between lots; therefore, we advise you to buy enough yarn for your project.
50 grams = 75-85 m
We advise you to handwash your products knitted with our High mountain yak yarn.

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Our Eri Khulluh yarn combines Mongolian and Nepalese fibers in a bulky yarn. 

Our yak yarn is sustainably sourced from Mongolian yak living at 1500m, providing the fibre for awesomely soft fibers. This fibre is the undercoat of the yak, called “Kullu”, during winter, and if not hand-combed by the herders, it flows naturally away in springtime. 

We mix it with Eri Silk, a fiber collected from the silk mot’s cocoon, only once it flew away. 

The mix gives a handspun yarn a beautiful shine of soft and shiny fiber and lightness, even for a bulky yarn. Our yarns are hand-dyed by qualified dyers using ZDHC dyeing colours.



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