How can I clean my knits properly while respecting the environment?

All wool qualities are pretty amazing, it keeps you warn during winter, and cool in summer. It is soft and resist to dirt and odors. This makes wool easy to care for, but Wool has always been seen as a delicate material to clean. But with some extra effort, your wool garments, if they are in Yak, Camel or Sartuul wool can really last a lifetime. Because of its dirt and odor resisting properties, you don’t need to wash wool that often. Already airing it outdoors or in a humid environment, like your bathroom when you shower should be enough! However, if you do notice marks or smells then it is ok to wash wool.

You should first check the washing instructions on the inside of our label. Our wool is better off to be hand washed. With the following simple steps of proper care, your favorite hand knitted product made with our hand spun Yak, Camel or Sartuul fibers will stay beautiful for years.

1. Wool is naturally resistant to stains. It also doesn’t pick up dust as it is static-free. Therefore, your woolen knits need to be hand washed with a natural washing product and flat dried.

2. Secondly if it’s just a small dirty mark, it’s better to hand wash only that area, than rather wash the entire garment. Not only does this save energy and resources, but it also helps extend the lifetime of your product.

3. Your product can be washed less frequently and rarely need ironing, as wool is naturally resistant to wrinkles. So really, less washing and ironing means less work for you and less impact on the environment.

4. To avoid dis- coloration, store your wool garments away from direct sunlight. Note that long term storage on hangers may result in stretching and loss of shape.
5. Some types of wool may start to pill, especially in certain area like the sleeves and sides of the body. This is natural but nobody wants a scruffy looking sweater of cardigan. So it’s is best to remove it regularly. There are devices that remove pilling. Simply run the device over the surface of the garment and shave off the bobbling. But don’t push too hard; the device is like a small razor so it could damage the garment if you use too much force.