Avez-vous les pieds sur l’accélérateur ? Ralentissons avec Nomad Noos !

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One of the most precious resources that human beings have at their disposal is time.

The perception of time varies depending on what we do: it seems to be lasting forever when we get bored, fly when we are having fun or enjoying great moments.
Time can also be a constraint. These days we are always running, “we never have time”. How many times do we say this in the course of a lifetime?
Our society is increasingly complex and requires a careful organization of all our activities. Whether we work or whether we are at home, it is often a challenge to find a moment for ourselves.
We want Nomadnoos to become the island of serenity to detach and enjoy a real moment of relaxation. Our brand, in fact, embodies this philosophy, that time is precious and patience is key to knit your product.
Choose a moment just for you, practising the relaxing activity of knitting.

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Discover Nomadnoos Seasons

Patience: we always look forward to Spring to get the excellent fiber derived from the nomads of yaks, camels, and sheep that naturally lose their soft undercoat fibers at the end of winter.
In this way, we respect the times of nature, which regulate the needs of animals. In the cold season, they are covered with thick fur, as soon as the summer arrives they free themselves of the winter undercoat. Nomadnoos respects animals and the environment in general and pays attention to the natural rhythms and needs of animals and herders.

Slow rhythms: the spinning of our wool takes place manually in Nepal thanks to the expert hands of our team working with wooden spinning wheels. For the realization of our unique yarn, we do not use machines that can be programmed. In fact, we work with respect to people who come to the workshop and enjoying spinning together.

During all these steps, Nomad Noos operates as a social enterprise, respectful of the environment and representative of the Slow Fashion trend. By buying our skeins you will also be part of our family and adding even more value to your own personal product.
We hope you enjoy knitting with our yarns while taking time for yourself…

Written by Alessandra Spataro and Coty Jeronimus.