#15 Clutch Hasri, designed by Eri

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Hasri , which means “One who is always happy and joyful” is a clutch knitted in our Silky banana yarn. 

This yarn is made in Nepal from the bark of bananas coming from a Banana farm, at 4 hours of driving from Kathmandu. The bark is dried and processed in the city where is it spun into a beautiful vegan yarn. 

This clutch is perfect for all your knitting accessories or to take with you while going out on an evening. 

The design exists in unique size.

Choose the color you like most and enjoy the knitting!

The Nomadnoos kit: The kit contains 1 skein of banana yarn & the needed lining fabric for the lining.

(without the pattern, the pattern can only be found in our Treasure knitting book, you can purchase here)

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